Google Chrome to load websites faster on 2G mobile connections

Google Chrome to load websites faster on 2G mobile connections
NEW DELHI: It is becoming increasingly difficult for people who are still stuck on 2G mobile internet connections to browse the web with more and more websites adding multimedia content and plugins. This is because plugins increases the time taken to load a web page. Now, Google has announced that it will now disable JavaScript by default for its Chrome Android browser whenever it detect slower 2G mobile internet speeds. By disabling JavaScript automatically on slower 2G mobile internet connections, web pages will load faster and even save data or users.

When JavaScript is enabled several plugins along with advertisements pops out while one opens a new webpage. On slower 2G internet connection, this not only makes the time to load webpages higher but also consumes more data. Google had released the ‘NoScript’ flag feature last year on Chrome for Android to disable JavaScript , however, it is now that Google has decided to automatically disable JavaScript on slower 2G connections to improve the overall experience.

To order to improve the experience for all Chrome users on Android, Google is experimenting something called as ‘Lazy Loading’ to Chrome. The upcoming ‘Lazy Loading’ feature essentially makes page load faster. Here is how it works. There are two parts of what you see in a web page on the screen – Above the Fold and Below the Fold. Above the fold is the content that is shown on the screen when you are on a website whereas Below the Fold is the hidden content that shows up when the web page is scrolled further. What ‘Lazy Loading’ does here is that it loads the images and other content that is Above the Fold instead of the whole website. The content Below the Fold is not loaded. The content loads as and when the user scrolls the web page.

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