Apple iPhone X 2018 could have dual-SIM support, hints iOS 12 beta 5

Apple iPhone X series in 2018 could include a variant with dual-SIM capabilities, according to new evidence surfaced in the latest iOS 12 developer beta. A 9to5Mac reports iOS 12 5 developer beta includes code for a “second SIM status and “second SIM tray status”. There’s another reference to a dual-SIM device, which basically confirms Apple is planning to launch at least one of its three iPhones with dual-SIM functionality.

Previously Bloomberg had reported that the iPhone X Plus and the budget LCD variant of the iPhone, which will have a 6.1-inch LCD display will include dual-SIM options in some regions. It remains to be seen if Apple will make dual-SIM the default option across all markets, or whether it will be restricted to Asian markets like India and China.

While dual-SIM smartphones are unheard of in many developed markets such as the US and the UK, in Asia, especially in India and China, dual-SIM phones have been around for years. Most vendors including Xiaomi and Samsung are selling dual-SIM smartphones in India.

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There’s a chance that Apple could launch a dual-SIM capable iPhone to expand its user base in India, where it has a less than 2 per cent market share. Consumers in such markers have been anticipating a dual-SIM iPhone for a while now, although Apple is yet to confirm its plans to add the most demanded feature in its flagship device.

Rumour has it that Apple is planning to launch three Apple iPhones later this year, and one of them would come with a lower price tag. The low-cost iPhone will not be launched at an affordable price, however. According to TF securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the low-cost iPhone will apparently come with a 6.1-inch LCD display. The analyst further claims the 6.1-inch iPhone will likely to cost between $600 to $700 (or approx Rs 41,145-Rs 48,002). The world on the street is that Apple may delay the launch of the 6.1-inch iPhone to October, citing unknown reasons.

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